Winter Event Designs for Corporate Parties and Weddings

Winter Event Designs for Corporate Parties and Weddings

Did someone say Christmas in July?  Everywhere we turn it seems to be a running theme this month.   So we thought why not continue with this universal theme and start talking about Winter event designs for your next function. 

I know I know its crazy to think about the winter now when we are only halfway through summer.  But, there are so many of you getting married in the winter or gearing up for a holiday party we thought let’s dive into some cooler themes this month!  Maybe it will take us away from the heat for a little bit.

So where should we begin???


Garlands have been huge this year and using banquet style tables or harvest tables can add a different design element to your event.  Think of winter greens spreading down the table with candles and flowers sitting among the greens.  You can even incorporate some wood elements either logs or birch rounds to prop up candles or bud vases with flowers to bring in some dimension to the table.

winter garland 2 Winter Garland

Floral: A Petal or Two 

Photo Credit: Strokes Photography 

Styled By: Chic Events by Sonia  


Make your winter event stand out! Get away from reds, gold and silver!

Getting away from reds and golds would definitely make your event different.  Why not bring in purples?  Purple is a very royal color and can be softened with white flowers and winter greens.  Make the centerpiece on a pedestal vase for a medium height or take it up a notch if its in the budget and put it on a tall vase or crystal candelabra!

pedestal vase arrangement

Floral By: A petal or two 

Have a budget to stick within??

Try using a mirror plate with candles.  This will light up the room and is very simple yet elegant for your event.  Even if you add a touch of greens to the bottom you could have a very elegant and clean looking room.

candle centerpiece

Centerpiece Design by: a petal or two 

Photo Credit: Blair Gable Photography 


We hope this gave you some insight on what to do for your winter event this year.  There are always so many options and Katherine and I are always here to help guide your vision to reality!

Give us shout as we would love to sit down and chat about your event and hear about all your ideas!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog



Peonies in all Their Glory

bride flower bouquet Guelph

Peonies in all their Glory!

Nothing screams romance like peonies. They have big ruffled petals that go on for days, they come in various color hues from soft pink to vibrant orange and only a few in blooms in your wedding bouquet will take it to the next level.

The sad thing is, unfortunately peonies are not available all year round which is probably the reason why we have such a soft spot in our hearts for them.

With peony season in full bloom from now until the beginning of July (depending on mother nature of course) we thought we would share how to use peonies in your wedding day from bouquets, to centerpiece and what to use as an alternative when they are not in season.

Peony Bouquets

Peonies do come at a cost due to the fact that they are not here  all year, and only grace us with their presence for a short period of time. Therefor adding one of two peonies into your bouquet will make it stand out.  While during the spring time pairing it with white anenomies, sweetpeas and ranuculus will scream romance.

special events and flowers Guelph and GTA

Peony Bouquet by A petal or two


Peonies used in table centerpieces can be simple or glamorous. You can choose to mix peonies with other flowers or you can keep it simple by only using them in bud vases up and down the table. When mixing  them with other flowers you don’t need a lot, just one or two big fluffy blooms will do the trick. If you choose to do a table scape keep it simple. You don’t need a fancy bud vases or containers as the bloom will do the talking.  Now throw in some candles and romance will be all around the room.

picture from
Peony Centerpiece
Picture From
Peony Centerpiece


When Peonies are not in season what to do???

By winter peonies are near to impossible to come by and if you can find a florist to use them, the price can triple.  Ouch!!!  Be very weary of any florist that says they can get them in winter as they may look a little scary and can very small.  Not really worth the money.  So, we have a couple solutions for you in case your floral heart just needs them at your event!

Use Silk Peonies!

They come in variety of colours and when used in a bouquet or centerpiece with other flowers it is really hard to tell they are silk. Talk to your floral designer about the type of silks they are able to purchase.  It’s a great way to get the flower you’re looking for and if your florist will rent them you could save lots of money!


 Garden Roses!

Are an amazing alternative to peonies when they are not in season. They come in all types of colours and they have lots of fluffy petals and can open up really wide.   Keep in mind this is not a money saver option as garden roses can be just as expensive or even more than a peony but they smell amazing!



We hope this gave you a little more information about this beauty of a flower.  Check back next month as we chat about Christmas Parties!  I know I know it going to be July but crazy enough that’s when we start planning Christmas!!!


It’s always a pleasure chatting flowers and decor,




Mother’s Day Table

Spring Flowers

Mother’s Day Table

Mother’s Day is a great day to show your mom how much you cherish everything she does for you and how much you love her and appreciate her.  Instead of going out for dinner stay home and cook her a nice Mothers day meal and don’t forget to put some flowers on the table to make her go WOW!!!

We’re not saying spends 100’s of dollars, but you can definitely have a beautiful table on a budget!  How you ask? Well we have come up with a couple easy options for you to try out at home to make this mother’s day extra special!

Potted Flowers and Candles

Who say’s having a potted plant on the table is a no no? Why not get a nice container or even some burlap and cover up a potted tulip or hyacinth for your Mother’s Day table, add a couple candles and voila! Your mom will think you’re the cats meow!  Plus, the bulb plants can be potted in the garden afterwards and used as a gift for mom.

Potted Plants for Table Centerpiece

Floral Design: a petal or two 


Mix and Match

Whether you go to the dollar store and grab some fun bud vases or mix and match fun cups, mugs and vases from your own cupboard you can’t go wrong putting flowers in them and placing them on the table. Head to your local flower shop and pick up a few bright a colorful seasonal flowers and you’ll have a Mother’s Day table no one will forget and mom will be very impressed.

Bohemian Table Deisgn

Floral Design: a petal or two

Photo Credit: Blank Space Photo

Styled By: Event Wise   


Balloons and Pom Poms

We love looking on the internet for fun table ideas and someone who always has great ideas is Martha Stewart!  We love the idea of doing balloons or hanging paper pom poms for your Mother’s Day table.  Perfect for a morning brunch.  You can even add some colorful candles to finish off the display!  It is a great way to stay on a budget but add some fun to your breakfast table.


Manson Jars

Last but not least arts and crafts with mason jars!  Make sure to clean them out if you’re using ones from around the house.  Add some ribbon or lace to the jars to make them extra special for your Mother’s Day table.  Stay on budget by sticking to seasonal flowers such as tulips, hyacinth, or even a mixture of bulb plants. Depending on your table size have three different sized jars or add some candles with a couple jars and your done!  So easy but will definitely make your mom feel extra special!

Mother's Day centerpiece   Mason Table Inspiration

Floral Design: a petal or two 

We hope this month has been a huge help.  These ideas can not only be used for mother’s day but any special event you’re having.  Making a table extra special for guests or someone you love is great way to make your table memorable for everyone!  Come back next month as we chat about the oh so popular peony!





Tulips Tulips Tulips!!

Spring Flower

Tulips Are Springs Most Valuable Flower!

They are here, there and everywhere. Our love for tulips is strong and when they are in season we smile and laugh all day long. YAY!!!

Tulips are a timeless choice to any spring event and we LOVE them. They are in season from February to June in Ontario depending on mother nature and how she is feeling of course!

They are a one of a kind flower that keeps growing in the vase. They bend gracefully, twist and turn going this way or that way and always towards the light. This however can be used to your advantage to create a “casual free style look”.

When working with tulips make sure to clean off all bottom leaves and wash any dirt off the stems. Place them in a vase, set on your dining room table and presto. For the next little while watch them do their dance.

They come in different forms, but our top three are the Double bloom, Fringe and Parrot Tulips!

Double bloom are big and fat and have a peony feel to them. The have dual layers of petals that reveal a big beautiful fat bloom that will melt your heart. We used them for a table display in one of our wedding shows below. Look how easy they make a table stand out with other spring flowers in the mix.  It so simple and the best part, they are budget friendly!

Tulips, double bloom tulips, spring flowers
Double Bloom Tulips                                                   Table Design By: a petal or two

Fringe tulips are long lasting and their edges look like a frayed pieces of satin fabric. They are an elegant and classic tulip that will never let you down.

Tulips, Fringe Tulips, Spring Flowers

Fringe Tulips

Parrot is our FAVORITE they are a real show stopper. They have big fat heads that open up beautifully. The parrot tulips are a beautiful and one of a kind option for any spring bridal focal bloom. They can easily fit with any themed wedding from ethereal to vintage to eco chic and high class modern. They will make your guests go WOW!!

Tulips, Parrot Tulips
Parrot Tulips                                                     Bouquet Designed By: a petal or two

We hope you had the chance to learn a little more about one of our favorite Spring Flowers.  Don’t forget to check back in with us in April when we chat about how to set your perfect mothers day table.

As always if you want to chat or need some help give us shout and we can sit down and talk flowers over some delicious coffee!

Bye For Now,

Sarah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        a petal or two                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       floral for your finest moments


Top 3 Wedding Trends for 2016

floral arrangements

Top 3 Wedding Trends for 2016



OHHHH Spring is in the air and that means weddings are just a hop, skip and jump away.  We can smell the flowers starting to bloom under all the snow. This soon to be wonderful weather brings lots of questions to newly engaged brides like, what is trending for the 2016 wedding season?  Well, we searched high and low and found three of the top floral trends for 2016.  We are definitely inspired and we hope you get the same warm and fuzzy feeling we did and no, it is not the red wine talking!!

#1 Just Picked

This design started to become very popular in 2015 in the form of bouquets, and this year it is continuing into table centerpieces. Greens greens and more greens with large focal flowers and a big earthy feel from seasonal flowers.    The “just picked” look can be paired with any sort of décor item.  Even sequin linens.  Check out the Bridal Guide as they have some amazing ideas for sequins and wood accents with the “just picked” look.

wedding centerpieces Kitchener          Garden Look Arrangement

Photo Credit: McCormick Studios                                                    Photo Credit: Strokes Photography  

#2 Pastels. 

Pastels are going to be BIG this year especially in the Spring.  Using pale yellows or soft pinks with cream undertones will make the perfect romantic atmosphere for your guests.  If you thought about using metallic vases or candle sticks on the table to bring in a more vintage look you’re right on the mark.  This trend is not going away for 2016 and it makes for one beautiful table.

bouquet of flowers       centerpieces for weddings    flower event

#3 Rustic

Rustic is staying strong as one of the Top 3 Wedding Trends for 2016 as couples continue to love the relaxed atmosphere.   From hay bales for seating to arches covered in flowers to harvest tables with cascading lush green garlands to fresh herbs on each guest plate.  Rustic creates a relaxed magical feeling on your special day that will have you and all of your guest in awe.

wedding flower bouquets Kitchener           Tall Loose Floral Centerpiece         Wedding Arch With Greens

Couples are also starting to use lighting more often than none from chandeliers and Edison bulbs hanging over the head table to candelabras lighting up your guest’s tables. Now doesn’t that scream romance?????

special events and flowers       bouquet flowers

Do you have a wedding trend idea for either floral or décor for our blog? We would love to hear from you… or If you need help planning the perfect floral pallet for your special day you know who to call a petal or two……who else??



A petal or two

Floral for your finest moments