Winter Event Designs for Corporate Parties and Weddings

Winter Event Designs for Corporate Parties and Weddings

Did someone say Christmas in July?  Everywhere we turn it seems to be a running theme this month.   So we thought why not continue with this universal theme and start talking about Winter event designs for your next function. 

I know I know its crazy to think about the winter now when we are only halfway through summer.  But, there are so many of you getting married in the winter or gearing up for a holiday party we thought let’s dive into some cooler themes this month!  Maybe it will take us away from the heat for a little bit.

So where should we begin???


Garlands have been huge this year and using banquet style tables or harvest tables can add a different design element to your event.  Think of winter greens spreading down the table with candles and flowers sitting among the greens.  You can even incorporate some wood elements either logs or birch rounds to prop up candles or bud vases with flowers to bring in some dimension to the table.

winter garland 2 Winter Garland

Floral: A Petal or Two 

Photo Credit: Strokes Photography 

Styled By: Chic Events by Sonia  


Make your winter event stand out! Get away from reds, gold and silver!

Getting away from reds and golds would definitely make your event different.  Why not bring in purples?  Purple is a very royal color and can be softened with white flowers and winter greens.  Make the centerpiece on a pedestal vase for a medium height or take it up a notch if its in the budget and put it on a tall vase or crystal candelabra!

pedestal vase arrangement

Floral By: A petal or two 

Have a budget to stick within??

Try using a mirror plate with candles.  This will light up the room and is very simple yet elegant for your event.  Even if you add a touch of greens to the bottom you could have a very elegant and clean looking room.

candle centerpiece

Centerpiece Design by: a petal or two 

Photo Credit: Blair Gable Photography 


We hope this gave you some insight on what to do for your winter event this year.  There are always so many options and Katherine and I are always here to help guide your vision to reality!

Give us shout as we would love to sit down and chat about your event and hear about all your ideas!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog