Mother’s Day Table

Spring Flowers

Mother’s Day Table

Mother’s Day is a great day to show your mom how much you cherish everything she does for you and how much you love her and appreciate her.  Instead of going out for dinner stay home and cook her a nice Mothers day meal and don’t forget to put some flowers on the table to make her go WOW!!!

We’re not saying spends 100’s of dollars, but you can definitely have a beautiful table on a budget!  How you ask? Well we have come up with a couple easy options for you to try out at home to make this mother’s day extra special!

Potted Flowers and Candles

Who say’s having a potted plant on the table is a no no? Why not get a nice container or even some burlap and cover up a potted tulip or hyacinth for your Mother’s Day table, add a couple candles and voila! Your mom will think you’re the cats meow!  Plus, the bulb plants can be potted in the garden afterwards and used as a gift for mom.

Potted Plants for Table Centerpiece

Floral Design: a petal or two 


Mix and Match

Whether you go to the dollar store and grab some fun bud vases or mix and match fun cups, mugs and vases from your own cupboard you can’t go wrong putting flowers in them and placing them on the table. Head to your local flower shop and pick up a few bright a colorful seasonal flowers and you’ll have a Mother’s Day table no one will forget and mom will be very impressed.

Bohemian Table Deisgn

Floral Design: a petal or two

Photo Credit: Blank Space Photo

Styled By: Event Wise   


Balloons and Pom Poms

We love looking on the internet for fun table ideas and someone who always has great ideas is Martha Stewart!  We love the idea of doing balloons or hanging paper pom poms for your Mother’s Day table.  Perfect for a morning brunch.  You can even add some colorful candles to finish off the display!  It is a great way to stay on a budget but add some fun to your breakfast table.


Manson Jars

Last but not least arts and crafts with mason jars!  Make sure to clean them out if you’re using ones from around the house.  Add some ribbon or lace to the jars to make them extra special for your Mother’s Day table.  Stay on budget by sticking to seasonal flowers such as tulips, hyacinth, or even a mixture of bulb plants. Depending on your table size have three different sized jars or add some candles with a couple jars and your done!  So easy but will definitely make your mom feel extra special!

Mother's Day centerpiece   Mason Table Inspiration

Floral Design: a petal or two 

We hope this month has been a huge help.  These ideas can not only be used for mother’s day but any special event you’re having.  Making a table extra special for guests or someone you love is great way to make your table memorable for everyone!  Come back next month as we chat about the oh so popular peony!